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#1spacer.png1967 [11, 44:31] The Doors - The Doors 8.62 “A classic” Psychedelia
#2spacer.png1967 [10, 35:16] The Doors - Strange Days 7.78 “Brilliant” Psychedelia; Blues Rock / Soul Rock
#3spacer.png1968 [11, 33:14] The Doors - Waiting For The Sun 7.91 “Brilliant” Cerebral Pop; Psychedelia
#4spacer.png1969 [9, 33:53] The Doors - The Soft Parade 8.33 “Excellent” Blues Rock / Soul Rock; Cerebral Pop
#5spacer.png1970 [11, 37:27] The Doors - Morrison Hotel 8.25 “Excellent” Blues Rock / Soul Rock; Cerebral Pop
#6spacer.png1971 [10, 48:49] The Doors - L.A. Woman 9.17 “A masterpiece” Blues Rock / Soul Rock
#7spacer.png1971 [8, 39:42] The Doors - Other Voices 4.66 “Poor” Blues Rock / Soul Rock
#8spacer.png1972 [9, 40:05] The Doors - Full Circle 3.89 “Terrible” Blues Rock / Soul Rock
#9spacer.png1978 [20, 38:16] The Doors - An American Prayerː Jim Morrison 7.28 “Really good” Poetry; Blues Rock / Soul Rock
date.png 31-Mar-2011
notes.png The end. Group originally disbanded in 1973, although Krieger, Manzarek and Densmore reunited under the name in 1978, 1993 and 2000. In 2002 Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger formed a new version of The Doors which they called The Doors of the 21st Century. After legal battles over use of The Doors name with drummer John Densmore, they changed their name several times and now tour under the names Manzarek-Krieger and Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger of The Doors. The group is dedicated to performing the music of The Doors and has been met with mixed reactions from fans.
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spacer.png1972 [22, 97:17] The Doors - Weird Scenes Inside The Goldmine 8.75 “A classic” Psychedelia; Blues Rock / Soul Rock; Cerebral Pop
spacer.png1985 [19, 89:21] The Doors - The Best Of The Doors 0.000.png (review pending upload)
notes.png random list, no intention to be complete


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