“More Of The Hard Stuff” by The Dubliners - album review

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TJR says

The band’s second studio album on Major Minor Records, their second of 1967, and the second to allude to the hard liquor in the title (and the song’s therein!) You know where you stand with the Dubliners – raucous raconteurs who are second to no folk band in all of recorded history. These tales of drinking, courting, hard life in the country and Irish history are told over an impeccable bed of ancient auld playing styles, delivered with both a poised precision and a rousing passion in appropriate measure. With Barney’s mandolin set to Ronnie’s doleful vocal, who couldn’t shed a tear for “The Croppy Boy” and his confession box tale of woe? This wonderful formula is repeated on “The Auld Triangle” and we feel with the prisoner on death row – despite the fact that we know fine well he’s probably a good for nothing rogue. Ciarán Bourke’s mournful harmonica pleads for your mercy! “A Nation Once Again” dreams of a time when Ireland will be, as the title suggests, a free land, with “our fetters rent in twain”. The lyrics exhort Irishmen to unite as one: “And Ireland long a province be a nation once again”. Thomas Davis wrote it in the 1840s noting that “a song is worth a thousand harangues”. He was a wise man… and no’ a bad song-writer to boot…

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:30] 7.3.png The Dubliners - Muirsheen Durkin (Traditional) Folk
A2 [01:40] 8.0.png The Dubliners - Poor Old Dicey Reilly [album version ’67] (Dominic Behan) Folk
A3 [02:44] 9.8.png The Dubliners - A Nation Once Again (Thomas Osborne Davis) Folk
A4 [03:01] 8.1.png The Dubliners - Whiskey In The Jar [album version ’67] (Traditional) Folk
A5 [02:02] 10.0.png The Dubliners - The Auld Triangle [album version ’67] (Brendan Behan) Folk
A6 [02:27] 7.2.png The Dubliners - A Pub With No Beer (Gordon Parsons, Dan Sheahan) Folk
A7 [02:31] 7.4.png The Dubliners - Kelly, The Boy From Killan (Traditional) Folk
B1 [02:38] 10.0.png The Dubliners - The Croppy Boy (Traditional) Folk
B2 [03:20] 6.9.png The Dubliners - Sullivan’s John (Traditional, Pecker Dunne) Folk
B3 [01:21] 8.4.png The Dubliners - Come And Join The British Army (Traditional) Folk
B4 [04:55] 9.5.png The Dubliners - (The Bonny) Shoals Of Herring (Ewan MacColl) Folk
B5 [02:46] 7.4.png The Dubliners - Mormon Braes (Traditional) Folk
B6 [02:03] 6.4.png The Dubliners - Drink It Up Men (Bill Meek) Folk
B7 [02:14] 6.9.png The Dubliners - Maloney Wants A Drink (Dominic Behan) Folk

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