“Sound Affects” by The Jam - album review

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TJR says

The Jam’s superb form continues into the new decade with this well-crafted affair, full of nuggets, especially on side one which includes “Pretty Green”, “But I’m Different Now”, “Set The House Ablaze” and the two tracks chosen as singles; “Start!” (appearing here on slightly extended form) and “That’s Entertainment”, the latter of which is truly the songwriters song of songs, wonderfully evocative of urban mundanity and completely unforgettable. The bare, strummed track is completely at odds with rest of the album, which has a sharper dance sound, characterized by Foxton’s funk-punk basslines, Weller’s ever-thoughtful, no-nonsense lyrical delivery, and the subtle introduction of trumpets to Jam sound. The blaze doesn’t rage quite so intensely on side two, but the flip is home to the fantastic “Man In The Cornershop”, a song longing for the ‘freedom’ of the greener grass which looks so appealing on the other side. They are Premier League class in every way.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:36] 9.6.png The Jam - Pretty Green (Paul Weller) New Wave
A2 [03:00] 7.5.png The Jam - Monday (Paul Weller) Cerebral Pop
A3 [01:50] 8.1.png The Jam - But I’m Different Now (Paul Weller) New Wave
A4 [05:02] 8.4.png The Jam - Set The House Ablaze (Paul Weller) Post-Punk
A5 [02:29] 9.6.png The Jam - Start! (Paul Weller) New Wave
A6 [03:38] 10.0.png The Jam - That’s Entertainment (Paul Weller) New Wave
B1 [03:50] 6.6.png The Jam - Dream Time (Paul Weller) New Wave
B2 [03:12] 8.0.png The Jam - Man In The Cornershop (Paul Weller) New Wave
B3 [03:43] 5.6.png The Jam - Music For The Last Couple (Paul Weller, Bruce Foxton, Rick Buckler) New Wave
B4 [01:59] 7.9.png The Jam - Boy About Town (Paul Weller) New Wave
B5 [03:59] 7.0.png The Jam - Scrape Away (Paul Weller) New Wave

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