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England The Only Ones

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#1 the-only-ones-the-only-ones.jpg 1978 [10, 33:49] The Only Ones - The Only Ones (CBS CBS-82830) studio • new music 6.71 “Good” New Wave
#2 the-only-ones-even-serpents-shine.jpg 1979 [11, 35:11] The Only Ones - Even Serpents Shine (CBS CBS-83451) studio • new music 7.06 “Really good” New Wave
#3 the-only-ones-babys-got-a-gun.jpg 1980 [12, 39:02] The Only Ones - Baby’s Got A Gun (CBS CBS-84089) studio • new music 7.29 “Really good” New Wave; Rock
date.png 18-Oct-2018
notes.png Correct @ last verified date. Three of the band were keen to record a new studio album following the 2007 tour, but Perrett seemed hesitant - then it was confirmed in the press that they were rehearsing new material for an album. 5 years later - rien!

the-only-ones-alone-in-the-night(1).jpg 1986 [14, 46:20] The Only Ones - Alone In The Night 0.000.png (review pending upload) (Dojo DOJOCD-43) studio • compilation
the-only-ones-the-peel-sessions(1).jpg 1989 [16, 51:17] The Only Ones - The Peel Sessions 0.000.png (review pending upload) (Strange Fruit SFRCD-102) studio • compilation
notes.png Random list, no intention to be complete.


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