“The Only Ones” by The Only Ones - album review

TJR says

"Another Girl, Another Planet" is here to ensure that this debut LP scores well. This record is a tuneful anomaly of mid-’70s rock that stands in stark contrast to the prevailing punk zeitgeist. Still, the band (even the old guys) play with an infectious enthusiasm, and Peter Perrett, despite his tendency toward adenoidal Dylanesque vocals, is particularly winning.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:38] 6.1.png The Only Ones - The Whole Of The Law (Peter Perrett) Cerebral Pop
A2 [03:02] 10.0.png The Only Ones - Another Girl, Another Planet (Peter Perrett) New Wave
A3 [04:52] 5.6.png The Only Ones - Breaking Down (Peter Perrett) Cerebral Pop
A4 [03:32] 5.7.png The Only Ones - City Of Fun (Peter Perrett) Proto-Punk
A5 [05:47] 5.4.png The Only Ones - The Beast (Peter Perrett) Soft Rock / A.O.R.
B1 [02:35] 7.4.png The Only Ones - Creature Of Doom (Peter Perrett) New Wave
B2 [02:07] 5.0.png The Only Ones - It’s The Truth (Peter Perrett) Soft Rock / A.O.R.
B3 [02:28] 6.4.png The Only Ones - Language Problem (Peter Perrett) New Wave
B4 [02:51] 7.8.png The Only Ones - No Peace For The Wicked (Peter Perrett) New Wave
B5 [03:57] 7.7.png The Only Ones - The Immortal Story (Peter Perrett) New Wave