“Future” by The Seeds - album review

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TJR says

“Travel with your mind” was Sky Saxon’s message here, on an album which was as mad as a hatter bounding between castles, forests and clouds. Which, as those of you who've ever witnessed such a thing will testify, is pretty freakin' mad. On their third and final LP, The Seeds delved headlong into the psychedelic sound of the age, and emerged, for me, having cemented their place as never having been anything less than terrific on albums at all times. They were certainly not wanting for ambition, and this set was the most sophisticated by their standards – although I am quietly pleased that their trademark ramshackle charms remain present throughout. With more care being taken over every track in the studio, overdubs were now the norm as tubas, harps, pianos, flutes, trumpets and all sorts were wheeled in and out, in amongst the standard guitars and organs upon which they have built their fame. It’s quite the potpourri, and has never sounded dull or uninteresting after many repeated plays down throughout the years. You don't have to be bonkers to make great albums – but it often seems to help. Drugs and fast living would soon put an end to The Seeds – but with “Future” they went out on an under-appreciated high.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:55] 5.8.png The Seeds - Introduction / March Of The Flower Children (Richard Marsh, Daryl Hooper) Psychedelia
A2 [03:13] 7.7.png The Seeds - Travel With Your Mind (Richard Marsh, Daryl Hooper, Dan Savage) Psychedelia
A3 [02:18] 7.0.png The Seeds - Out Of The Question (Richard Marsh, Russ Serpent) Psychedelia
A4 [03:27] 6.8.png The Seeds - Painted Doll (Richard Marsh) Rock n Roll Ballad
A5 [03:32] 9.1.png The Seeds - Flower Lady And Her Assistant (Richard Marsh) Psychedelia
A6 [03:23] 8.1.png The Seeds - Now A Man (Richard Marsh, Daryl Hooper, Dan Savage) Psychedelia
B1 [02:33] 8.0.png The Seeds - A Thousand Shadows (Richard Marsh, Daryl Hooper, Dan Savage) Psychedelia
B2 [03:17] 6.2.png The Seeds - Two Fingers Pointing On You (Richard Marsh) Psychedelia
B3 [02:55] 7.8.png The Seeds - Where Is The Entrance Way To Play (Richard Marsh) Psychedelia
B4 [03:15] 5.9.png The Seeds - Six Dreams (Richard Marsh) Psychedelia
B5 [07:50] 8.8.png The Seeds - Fallin’ (Richard Marsh, Daryl Hooper) Psychedelia

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