“Quadrophenia” by The Who - album review

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TJR says

Great film, shame about the soundtrack. Since when did the Mods dig bombastic Prog and Rock? Someone will need to explain that one to me…

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:09] 5.0.png The Who - I Am The Sea (Pete Townshend) Film Score / Incidental
A2 [03:21] 5.8.png The Who - The Real Me (Pete Townshend) Rock
A3 [06:14] 4.2.png The Who - Quadrophenia (Pete Townshend) Prog
A4 [03:48] 5.2.png The Who - Cut My Hair (Pete Townshend) Rock
A5 [05:11] 5.2.png The Who - The Punk And The Godfather (Pete Townshend) Rock
B1 [02:40] 4.4.png The Who - I’m One (Pete Townshend) Rock
B2 [04:30] 5.9.png The Who - The Dirty Jobs (Pete Townshend) Cerebral Pop
B3 [02:35] 5.1.png The Who - Helpless Dancer (Pete Townshend) Songwriter
B4 [03:45] 4.0.png The Who - Is It In My Head (Pete Townshend) Rock
B5 [06:17] 6.2.png The Who - I’ve Had Enough (Pete Townshend) Rock
C1 [05:01] 5.7.png The Who - 5:15 (Pete Townshend) Rock
C2 [05:02] 4.6.png The Who - Sea And Sand (Pete Townshend) Rock
C3 [05:28] 4.8.png The Who - Drowned (Pete Townshend) Rock
C4 [04:56] 5.3.png The Who - Bell Boy (Pete Townshend) Rock
D1 [08:41] 6.7.png The Who - Doctor Jimmy (Pete Townshend) Prog
D2 [06:38] 5.8.png The Who - The Rock (Pete Townshend) Prog
D3 [05:53] 4.5.png The Who - Love, Reign O’Er Me (Pete Townshend) Cerebral Pop

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