“Starsailor” by Tim Buckley - album review

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TJR says

Things get proper weird on the formless “Starsailor”. A freeform rampage ranging from the beatless to the 17 to the 13 would usually get me running for the hills but Mnsr. Buckley’s bold approach is at once imaginative and highly entertaining, with way more highs than lows on its 35 minute tripout. “Trout Mask Replica” would perhaps be a reference point of sorts, but with Tim’s voice offering up the extremes more so than the music. From high shrieks to Tarzan-esque yelps, to animal-aping to crooner extensions, it’s a remarkable sensory experience. A deranged loon or a wired genius? Who cares. Je l’adore. Vive l’avant garde…

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [04:09] 8.2.png Tim Buckley - Come Here Woman (Tim Buckley) Prog
A2 [04:02] 6.7.png Tim Buckley - I Woke Up (Tim Buckley, Larry Beckett) Prog
A3 [04:30] 6.2.png Tim Buckley - Monterey (Tim Buckley, Larry Beckett) Psychedelia
A4 [01:57] 7.2.png Tim Buckley - Moulin Rouge (Tim Buckley, Larry Beckett) Cerebral Pop
A5 [03:20] 10.0.png Tim Buckley - Song To The Siren (Tim Buckley, Larry Beckett) Alternative Folk
B1 [04:42] 5.5.png Tim Buckley - Jungle Fire (Tim Buckley) Prog
B2 [04:36] 6.3.png Tim Buckley - Starsailor (Tim Buckley, Larry Beckett, John Balkin) Avant-Garde
B3 [03:16] 6.8.png Tim Buckley - Healing Festival (Tim Buckley) Prog
B4 [05:22] 5.3.png Tim Buckley - Down By The Borderline (Tim Buckley) Prog

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