“New Songs From The Briarpatch” by Tom Paxton - album review

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TJR says

Very much a homecoming album for the 39-year-old globe-trotting wanderer who had spent three or four years mainly based in England where some deals with indies “didn't pan out well”. The set was recorded live in the Vanguard studio at 23rd Street, New York, on March 1, 1977, with the line-up of: Tom Paxton (acoustic guitar, vocals), Steve Goodman (acoustic guitar, backing vocals), Herb Bushler (bass) and Angel Allende (percussion). In his liner notes, Tom tells how he's been seriously rediscovering his own country in the last 12 months (this seems to inform much of the album), and that he feels like a tourist half the time. “It's good to be with Vanguard. I was on one of their Newport Folk Festival albums back when I was the kid with the hair, so to be here now closes a circle of sorts. I'm happy to be here at home and I mean to stay a while.” He finds some good form too, topical and politically, with “Bring Back The Chair”, “Talking Watergate”, “Mister Blue / White Bones Of Allende” and “Born On The Fourth Of July” the stand-outs.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:32] 5.2.png Tom Paxton - Did You Hear John Hurt? [live] (Tom Paxton) Folk
A2 [02:33] 5.0.png Tom Paxton - Pandora’s Box [live] (Tom Paxton) Folk
A3 [03:08] 7.5.png Tom Paxton - Bring Back The Chair [live] (Tom Paxton) Folk
A4 [02:06] 4.0.png Tom Paxton - Birds On The Table [live] (Tom Paxton) Songwriter
A5 [03:14] 6.8.png Tom Paxton - Talking Watergate [live] (Tom Paxton) Folk
A6 [03:23] 5.8.png Tom Paxton - There Goes The Mountain [live] (Tom Paxton) Folk
B1 [03:38] 4.7.png Tom Paxton - Cotton-Eyed Joe [live] (Tom Paxton) Folk
B2 [01:45] 5.1.png Tom Paxton - You Can Eat Dog Food [live] (Tom Paxton) Folk
B3 [02:30] 4.8.png Tom Paxton - You’re So Beautiful [live] (Tom Paxton) Songwriter
B4 [03:32] 8.4.png Tom Paxton - Mister Blue / White Bones Of Allende [live] (Tom Paxton) Folk
B5 [04:43] 7.3.png Tom Paxton - Born On The Fourth Of July [live] (Tom Paxton) Folk
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