TJR presents… Top 10: John Prine

TJR presents… Top 10: John Prine

– I do so enjoy many of his doleful melodramas and his trademark dry humour. Greatness oozes from the ten here.
  • Runtime: 47m.
  • Compiled from 154 collection entries @ 13-Oct-2019.
  • Fantasy Album Rating: 9.22 “A masterpiece”
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Some Humans Ain’t Human by John Prine (2005)
(John Prine, Roger Cook)

10.0 “Utterly perfect” Country
TJR saysFrom his 14th album “Fair And Square” released in April, 2005. The ultimate John Prine track, taking pride of place on the grammy-award winning album. Best Contemporary Folk apparently, and this seems thoroughly merited.

Clay Pigeons by John Prine (2005)
(Michael David Fuller)

9.7 “All-time classic” Country
TJR saysFrom his 14th album “Fair And Square” released in April, 2005. An awesome cover of the song originally done by Blaze Foley (born Michael David Fuller) on his album “Live At The Austin Oathouse” in 1989.

Other Side Of Town [live] by John Prine (2005)
(John Prine)

9.5 “All-time classic” Folk
TJR saysFrom his 14th album “Fair And Square” released in April, 2005. Almost everyone in this audience relates to John's hen-pecked tale: “A clown puts his makeup on upside down, So he wears a smile even when he wears a frown, You might think I’m here when you put me down, But actually I’m on the other side of town.” Bittersweet brilliance from start to finish, what a pen.

She Is My Everything by John Prine (2005)
(John Prine)

9.2 “Classic” Folk Rock / Americana
TJR saysFrom his 14th album “Fair And Square” released in April, 2005. Another classic from a gem of an album; with such poeticism he could be master of the love song if he so wished.

In Spite Of Ourselves by John Prine with Iris DeMent (1999)
(John Prine)

9.2 “Classic” Country
TJR saysFrom his 13th album “In Spite Of Ourselves” released in September, 1999. Nothing but big ole hearts dancing in their eyes. Completely adorable…

Pretty Good by John Prine (1971)
(John Prine)

9.1 “Classic” Folk Rock / Americana
TJR saysFrom his debut album “John Prine” released in October, 1971. A most Dylan-esque attack on phony patriotism, especially in the context of the exhibitionistic chauvinism of the meat-heads.

Christmas In Prison [2000 album version] by John Prine (2000)
(John Prine)

9.0 “Classic” Country
TJR saysFrom his reworkings album “Souvenirs” released in October, 2000. He had first done the song on his 1973 album, “Sweet Revenge”, which I don't have. Emmy The Great did a fine version of this. “It's about a person being in a situation they didn't want to be in but I used all the imagery as if it were a prison. And being a sentimental guy, I put it at Christmas.

The Great Compromise by John Prine (1972)
(John Prine)

8.9 “Excellent” Folk
TJR saysFrom his second album “Diamonds In The Rough” released in October, 1972. The protagonist's dis-loyal girlfriend and some meat-head in a foreign sports car are used to depict Prine's disgust at his fellow countrymen. He would later remark: “I really love America. I just don't know how to get there anymore.

The Sins Of Memphisto by John Prine (1991)
(John Prine)

8.9 “Excellent” Country
TJR saysFrom his 10th album “The Missing Years” released in September, 1991. “Esmeralda and the Hunchback of Note-ra Dam, They humped each other like they had no shame, They paused as they posed for a Polaroid photo, She whispered in his ear… exactly-odo Quasi-Modo…” Makes me laugh every time, and who can ask for more than that?

He Forgot That It Was Sunday by John Prine (1995)
(John Prine)

8.7 “Excellent” Folk
TJR saysFrom his 12th album “Lost Dogs And Mixed Blessings” released in April, 1995. Would love to hear this little beauty get the Shane MacGowan treatment.

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