“John Barleycorn Must Die” by Traffic - album review

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TJR says

Having sown his wild oats with Blind Faith, Steve Winwood reconciled with his old mates from Traffic and “John Barleycorn Must Die”, released in July, 1970, heralded the group's rebirth. I'm pretty much fearing the worst as I delve in, but the improvisational and muscular opener “Glad” proves to be rather enjoyable, as 7 minute instrumentals go. A straight version of the folk traditional “John Barleycorn (Must Die)” is a welcome surprise on side two, with some fine flute playing by Chris Woods, a firm feature of the Traffic sound in all its forms.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [06:59] 6.2.png Traffic - Glad (Steve Winwood) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
A2 [06:20] 5.1.png Traffic - Freedom Rider (Steve Winwood, Jim Capaldi) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
A3 [04:47] 4.1.png Traffic - Empty Pages (Steve Winwood, Jim Capaldi) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
B1 [04:02] 3.1.png Traffic - Stranger To Himself (Steve Winwood, Jim Capaldi) Rock
B2 [06:20] 6.4.png Traffic - John Barleycorn (Must Die) (Traditional) Folk
B3 [07:05] 4.0.png Traffic - Every Mother‘s Son (Steve Winwood, Jim Capaldi) Blues Rock / Soul Rock

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