“Mr. Fantasy” by Traffic - album review

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TJR says

My 22 track compile has the UK album (tracks 1-10) then the US version (11-22). The US would’ve scored slightly better (5.86) as it featured the UK singles “Paper Sun” and “Hole In My Shoe”. However, the first-to-market (and therefore proper A-list) UK version has a great track “Utterly Simple” which the US doesn’t. All in all, this is a crazy mix of styles - everything from “Theme From Rainbow” style hippy folk to bluesy Doorsy style to proper sitar hippy style to hippy rock.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [04:16] 5.3.png Traffic - Heaven Is In Your Mind (Jim Capaldi, Steve Winwood, Chris Wood) Psychedelia
A2 [02:55] 5.8.png Traffic - Berkshire Poppies (Jim Capaldi, Steve Winwood, Chris Wood) Cerebral Pop
A3 [02:05] 5.3.png Traffic - House For Everyone (Dave Mason) Psychedelia
A4 [03:35] 4.5.png Traffic - No Face, No Name, No Number (Steve Winwood, Jim Capaldi) Folk
A5 [05:44] 4.3.png Traffic - Dear Mr. Fantasy (Jim Capaldi, Steve Winwood, Chris Wood) Rock
B1 [03:34] 5.7.png Traffic - Dealer (Jim Capaldi, Steve Winwood) Psychedelia
B2 [03:16] 7.6.png Traffic - Utterly Simple (Dave Mason) Psychedelia
B3 [02:43] 5.3.png Traffic - Coloured Rain (Jim Capaldi, Steve Winwood, Chris Wood) Psychedelia
B4 [02:12] 5.0.png Traffic - Hope I Never Find Me There (Dave Mason) Psychedelia
B5 [04:20] 6.2.png Traffic - Giving To You (Jim Capaldi, Steve Winwood, Chris Wood, Dave Mason) Psychedelia

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