Various Artists - Festive 50 2015: The Top 50

TJR says:

7.27 “Really good”

Nothing says yay it’s Christmas quite like that Robin Redbreast with the weird dandelion nose pierce, losing himself in the wireless 'phones. What’s he listening to in there? Got to be “Surfin’ Bird” by the Trashmen, Shirley? But I digress… for the TENTH consecutive year, the MIGHTY Dandelion Radio, powered by listeners votes, have produced another fine year-end chart to be proud of.

As a connoisseur of the Festive 50 for some thirty years, I’m pleased to note that listener’s tastes are bearing up fairly well in line with mine, post-Peel. It’s a nice varied bag this year, albeit devoid of techno bangers or worldly exotica. Plus ça change!

I reckon 2015 is the best since 2008; there’s only one real dud in the 50 against about 20 truly great tracks. Having been side tracked with my own projects, I’ve seriously fallen behind with my new music intake in the last 12 months, with scores of albums piling up left, right and centre demanding my attention. It was a pleasure, therefore, to get a 5 hour snapshot of the years’ best, with plenty of new treats and quite a few surprises; more than half of the chart I was hearing for the first time. Thoroughly enjoyed it I must say, and the excitement of discovering what was voted Number 1 is as strong now as it was then. In that regard, DJ Lee Adcock’s enthusiasm was just the job. She was “super-stoked” with the Number One, as was I. “Super-stoked” has become thee new verbal staple chez-moi : - )

I doff my cap to everyone involved with Dandelion, a sterling service to left-field music fans 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. I really must try to ensure that I don’t miss as much of the output in 2016.

You can hear the Festive 50 repeated every day in January on the station’s looping schedule.

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