“Wonderful Wanda” by Wanda Jackson - album review

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TJR says

Following on from the success of her “Right or Wrong” single from last year, Wanda’s inclination was back towards the country; and this genre takes up 5 of the 6 tracks on side 1. Her cover of Warner Mack’s “Is It Wrong” steals the side and comes complete with playful borrowings from the big Everly’s hit of last year, “Walk Right Back”, which puts a smile on the face. She’s not quite ready to give up the “two sides” tag though; side B comes packed with a slew of pop tunes, occasionally peppered with R n B shadings. The strings-laden “I Don’t Wanta Go” is seriously classy; verging on the “James Bond soundtrack” levels of cool. Towards the end of the set, “You Don’t Know Baby” emerges as the killer highlight. Here, Wanda proves she was also no mean blues chanteuse, in amongst all of her other attributes. The song was originally done by BB King in 1957, but it’s probably safe to say that Wanda is coming from the Peggy Lee version of 1958, which appeared on the flip to “Fever”. Wonderful Wanda? That's often very true.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:35] 4.2.png Wanda Jackson - In The Middle Of A Heartache (Laurie Christenson, Pat Franzese, Wanda Jackson) Country
A2 [02:08] 4.0.png Wanda Jackson - Seven Lonely Days (Alden Shuman, Earl Shuman, Marshall Brown) Country
A3 [02:34] 6.4.png Wanda Jackson - If I Cried Every Time You Hurt Me (Harlan Howard) Country
A4 [02:18] 7.3.png Wanda Jackson - Is It Wrong (Warner McPherson) Country
A5 [02:36] 6.0.png Wanda Jackson - Don’t Ask Me Why (Ben Weisman, Fred Wise) Country
A6 [02:17] 4.4.png Wanda Jackson - Let My Love Walk In (Dick Glasser) Pop
B1 [02:18] 3.5.png Wanda Jackson - A Little Bitty Tear (Hank Cochran) Pop
B2 [02:19] 4.0.png Wanda Jackson - I Need You Now (Al Jacobs, Jimmie Crane) Pop
B3 [02:26] 7.1.png Wanda Jackson - I Don’t Wanta Go (Dick Glasser) Cerebral Pop
B4 [03:01] 5.5.png Wanda Jackson - We Could (Felice Bryant) Country
B5 [02:49] 8.6.png Wanda Jackson - You Don’t Know Baby (Walter Spriggs) Blues / Rhythm n Blues
B6 [02:41] 4.5.png Wanda Jackson - I’d Be Ashamed (Wanda Jackson) Pop

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