“The Brand New Z.Z. Hill” by Z.Z. Hill - album review

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TJR says

Arriving in October, 1971, “The Brand New Z.Z. Hill” was the second full-length from the 36-year-old soul man, now recording for Swamp Dogg's Mankind label. It's a bit of a concept affair, the man torn between lovers. It's strong in places, the southern soul ballads “Second Chance” and “Faithful And True” being the best of the bunch.

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A1 [04:52] 6.4.png Z.Z. Hill - It Ain’t No Use (Act 1, Scene I) (Jerry Williams Jr., Gary Bonds, Don Hollinger) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
A2 [04:29] 6.4.png Z.Z. Hill - Ha Ha (Laughing Song) (Act 1, Scene II) (Jerry Williams Jr., Gary Bonds) Soul
A3 [04:52] 6.5.png Z.Z. Hill - Second Chance (Act 2, Scene I) (Jerry Williams Jr., Gary Bonds, Don Hollinger) Soul Ballad
A4 [04:02] 5.0.png Z.Z. Hill - Our Love Is Getting Better (Act 2, Scene II) (Jerry Williams Jr., Gary Bonds, Charles Whitehead) Soul
A5 [03:16] 7.3.png Z.Z. Hill - Faithful And True (Act 3, Finale) (Marlin Greene, Jeanie Greene, Dan Penn, Quin Ivy) Soul Ballad
B1 [03:08] 6.5.png Z.Z. Hill - Choking Kind (Harlan Howard) Soul
B2 [03:05] 5.6.png Z.Z. Hill - Hold Back (One Man At A Time) (D. Monda, R. Burns) Soul Ballad
B3 [03:15] 6.1.png Z.Z. Hill - Man Needs A Woman, A (Woman Need A Man) (Jerry Williams Jr., Gary Bonds) Soul Ballad
B4 [02:52] 4.8.png Z.Z. Hill - Early In The Morning (Bobby Darin, Woody Harris) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
B5 [02:14] 4.8.png Z.Z. Hill - I Think I’d Do It (Sam Dees) Soul

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